Reflections: Maven Design looks back on successes in 2017

As we bring 2017 to a close, our team here at Maven Design reflects on the substantial growth, optimistic change, and immeasurable success we have experienced in the last 12 months. With several new hires, a series of new product releases, the relaunching of our website, and the evolution of our creative culture – we could not be prouder to see how far we have come since starting Maven Design in 2015. Numerous products we released this year fell into the active outdoor product design space and packaging design. In addition, our strategic design process for envisioning continues to guide clients by crafting meaningful brand stories and visualizing future experiences. And while we have come a long way since when we first opened our studio, we still have quite the journey ahead of us. There will always be more opportunity for growth and development, yet we have so much to take with us as we make our way into the new year. With 2018 swiftly approaching and with larger pursuits on the horizon, we reflect on yesterday and how this year and years prior continue to set us up for continued success.

Self-reflection is something a lot of designers don’t consciously do enough of, but it’s worth spending time reflecting on our creative selves so that we may continue producing better experiences for both our team and our clients. Being able to self-reflect comes with many benefits including the ability to be aware of progress, the ability to identify challenges, and the ability to look at our work as observers – not just designers. Throughout the years, we have leveraged our teams’ multidisciplinary experience to improve our envisioning and product design processes. This focus on building a skillfully diverse team has led to successful developments in active outdoor design, medical device design, quantitative testing materials, benefits visualization videos, and packaging design. In fact, many of our accomplishments in 2017 were centered around these proficiencies to help create solutions that were not just beautiful, but also functional and relevant to every client’s business.

Self-reflection allows us to become more observant of ourselves when we are productive. Observation produces curiosity and drives the imagination – and we look forward to using our imaginations to identify and navigate future pursuits. Cheers to a successful 2017, and a huge thank you goes out to all of our clients, friends, and family for letting us dream out loud with you. The best has yet to come – Let’s create what’s next in 2018!