YIELD | Compost in place

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      Organic landfill waste adds to our global greenhouse gas problem as well as underutilizes material that should be recycled
into a valuable product. Composting this waste creates a product that improves soil, can grow the next generation of crops, and improves water quality. Composting provides a significant cost savings over conventional soil remediation technologies. Traditional composting systems require maintenance and space, and the process usually not set up where it is needed most-In the garden.


Yield solves traditional composting problems by providing an expandable in-ground solution that is easy to use and minimizes the interaction needed by the user. The Yield composting system resides in-ground, which reduces the amount of space required to compost, and utilizes nature’s composting machines – worms- to rapidly break down organic material & add beneficial microorganisms to the soil. When organic material breaks down, it fertilizes surrounding vegetables and flowers without anyone having to intervene in the process. Yield’s above ground vessel is a stackable and modular bin which allows you to scale your system as needed.

Traditional compost bins or worm bins take up a lot of room and require a lot of user interaction- watering the pile, turning the pile, or manually separating the composting worms from the finished product. Yield’s in-ground composting system reduces the space needed to compost, accelerates the process of composting, and allows you to compost where needed most-in your garden.